At Binglebar we make quality adirondack furniture - and we do it well!

Binglebar Furniture is a small Australian business that specialises in the manufacture of Adirondack chairs and furniture made exclusively from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  

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Westfield Garden City, Mt Gravatt Qld

Binglebar has been manufacturing HDPE Adirondack chairs and furniture in Australia since 2010 with the aim of providing high quality, long lasting HDPE Adirondack furniture at affordable prices.  Based on the very positive feedback we have received from our many customers, we feel very confident that we have achieved these goals.  

"OMG .... they are so comfy .... I love them!"
      Debbie, Charlestown NSW

Prior to 2010 our products were made from timber. Unfortunately, whilst timber is a versatile and beautiful material, when used in outdoor applications it requires constant maintenance and care.  By comparison, HDPE requires almost no maintenance other than an occasional wash with soap and water to keep it looking clean and fresh.  Also, HDPE furniture looks and feels like painted timber but offers a longevity that timber cannot match.

Our HDPE material is sourced from within Australia and contains a percentage of post-consumer (recycled) material.  This means our products are contributing to a better environment.

All our furniture is hand finished with attention to detail and quality.

Binglebar was not the first in the world to manufacture Adirondack furniture out of HDPE - Adirondack chairs made from HDPE have been extremely popular in the US for many years  -  however, we are proud of the fact that we were the first, and remain the only, manufacturer of them in Australia.

At Binglebar Furniture we value our customer base.  A significant proportion of our sales come from repeat business or "word of mouth" recommendations to family and friends.  We offer a personal service between ourselves, as the owners and manufacturers, and you, the customer, that bigger companies cannot match.