By popular demand, we are very pleased and excited to introduce our new Sun Lounges.

Over the years we have received many requests from existing customers and others for a sun lounge that would complement our range of Adirondack furniture. However, at Binglebar we are very particular about the quality of any furniture we add to our small range and will not put our name to any product that does not meet our exacting requirements. It must be made from quality, long lasting material and be designed for comfort and stylish good looks. Most importantly, it must be 100% Australian Made.

The unique design of our new sun lounges meet all these requirements plus we have added versatility. Our new lounges provide four position back support with the added innovation of a slide-out table accessible from either side.

Photoshopped lounge 3.jpg

The versatile design of our sun lounges offer four-position back support for comfort and utility.

Photoshopped lounge 1.jpg

The back support can also be laid flat to allow the lounge to be used as a bench seat

Add to this our innovative slide-out table, accessible from either side, and our sun lounges are perfect for any occasion.

Photoshopped lounge 2.jpg